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Jessica Deighton

Senior Property Manager- Cobar

Jessica is an experienced Property Manager who has come back to us after a 2 year break and is ready to get back into the swing of things and take on your property. Jessica has resided in Cobar for most of her life and has a good knowledge of the area. She  is an honest, easy going person who prides herself in her work and goes the extra mile to ensure peace of mind. Landlords will not have to worry about their investment properties as she will look after them as if the property is her own. Tenants can rest assured that she will always hear them out and help in anyway she can.
You will find Jessica in the office located at 38 Marshall St Cobar, near the big Tooheys Can at the Grand Hotel. Jessica‘s hours are 10am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday but can be flexible, if need be, as she understands that Cobar is a mining town and mining towns have shift workers.

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